What is Roso?

Roso unites artists to create art together.

Roso-tuotanto unites different people from different backgrounds to work together and learn from one another. We are a combination of a creative community, an internet forum and online media. The goal of our operations is to support and strengthen people’s potential and prepare them for studies and employment through creative activities. We organise activities online on a regular basis: workshops, event, competitions and sparring under the guidance of experts and peer instructors from different art disciplines. The Roso magazine that comes out once a year functions as the showcase, gallery and stage for the productions made in Roso’s workshops. Roso members are responsible for its content and publishing.

Our target group is young adults and people with disabilities aged 18–35 who are at risk of social exclusion, as well as social and cultural professionals working with young people. Roso provides them with tools to apply creative activities in an online environment and an opportunity to network and exchange information. We welcome everyone interested in our activities! The understanding towards one another grows in different human encounters. Right?

Roso-tuotanto is a member organisation of Kukunori ry, an NGO for culture and mental health, and Roso is funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations STEA.

What is Roso?

Roso is an online community that creates art and music together. Roso can be accessed online with the Discord application.

Why become a member of Roso?

  • You will become a part of a wide and encouraging artist community.
  • You can meet people, network, learn new things and be inspired.
  • You can participate in all of Roso’s workshops, discussions, competitions and events.
  • You will be able to get help and support for your art and other goals from Roso’s instructors.
  • Roso organises events, exhibitions and festivals in cooperation with Finnish and international partners. As a Roso member, you can also take part in these events.

Do I have to pay to be a Roso member?

Roso membership is free of charge. Roso only utilises free applications, so the installation and use of the apps is completely free.

How to become a Roso member?

You can become a member by joining us on Roso’s Discord-server.

Does Roso membership have any obligations?

Roso membership does not include any obligations. You can decide how and when to participate in Roso’s activities.

How can I cancel my Roso membership?

  • You can close your Discord account and exit Roso’s channels whenever you want.

How can a Roso member manage their own information?

  • Each Roso member creates their private user profile.
  • You can edit your Discord user profile anytime.
  • You can choose the information you wish to show others.
  • You can use a pseudonym or your real name.
  • You can freely delete your messages and documents from the Roso channels.